19 June 2016

GSRTC Rajkot to Baroda Bus Timetable Timings online

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) has introduced updated schedule for Rajkot to Baroda Time Table timings online. You can book tickets online and follow the latest online booking procedure according to GSRTC fare / price and availability of seats. Currently there are no direct Volvo operating, however there are numerous Express, Gurjarnagri and Sleeper bus available.The buses usually follow the route of Rajkot - Chotila - Limbdi - Surendranagar - Bagodara - Tarapur - Anand - Nadiad - Baroda (Vadodara) route skipping Ahmedabad.

Kindly find the updated schedule for bus category of buses available at Rajkot Central Bus station. These buses are on time and their accuracy in reaching the destination will depend upon city and highway traffic condition.

GSRTC Bus Rajkot - Baroda Time Table Timings Schedule Updated 2016

Here are the details of buses and their ticket booking available online:

Express Bus Timetable:

1. Keshod to Vapi Express Bus (Rajkot Central: 00:20 am arriving Baroda: 06:05 am)

2. Rajkot Central to Baroda Central Express Bus (Rajkot: 06:00 am arriving Baroda: 12:05 pm)

3. Junagadh to Baroda Central Bus (Rajkot Central: 07:10 am arriving Baroda: 13:00 pm)

4. Gondal to Surat Central Express Bus (Rajkot: 08:35 am arriving Baroda: 14:10 pm)

5. Rajkot to Surat Central Express Bus (Rajkot: 11:45 am arriving Baroda: 16:25 pm)

6. Bantva to Kavant Express Bus (Rajkot: 16:15 pm arriving Baroda: 00:10 am)

7. Gondal to Surat Central Bus (Rajkot: 16:35 pm arriving Baroda: 22:45 pm)

8. Kalavad Jamnagar / Chhota Udaipur - Surat Central Bus (Rajkot: 17:20 pm arriving Baroda: 23:25 pm)

9. Mangrol / Upleta / Jamnagar - Bariya Express Bus (Rajkot: 20:00 pm arriving Baroda: 02:00 am)

10. Rajkot Central to Surat Central Bus (Rajkot: 21:35 pm arriving Baroda: 03:00 am)

Gurjarnagri Bus Timetable:

1. Veraval to Baroda Central Gurjarnagri Bus (Rajkot: 01:45 am arriving Baroda: 06:45 am)

2. Rajkot Central to Baroda Central Bus (Rajkot: 05:35 am arriving Baroda: 11:30 am)

3. Junagadh to Bilimora Gurjarnagri Bus (Rajkot: 07:25 am arriving Baroda: 14:45 pm)

4. Jamnagar / Khambhaliya to Surat Central Bus (12:10 pm / 13:00 pm arriving Baroda: 06:30 pm/07:00 pm)

5. Jamnagar to Shirdi Bus (Rajkot Central: 13:15 pm arriving Baroda: 18:45 pm)

6. Porbandar / Veraval to Baroda Central (Rajkot: 13:45 pm arriving Baroda: 19:30 pm)

7. Somnath to Vapi Central Bus (Rajkot: 17:50 pm arriving Baroda: 00:40 am)

8. Gondal to Nashik Bus (Rajkot: 20:30 pm arriving Baroda Central: 02:45 am)


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