5 July 2020

GSRTC Ahmedabad to Mumbai Bus Timetable Timings Schedule Online

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) has introduced updated timetable and timings of Ahmedabad - Mumbai Central bus service. You can check the bus timings of Express, Gurjarnagri, Sleeper and Volvo buses available. The online ticket booking service for Ahmedabad - Mumbai is also available online at GSRTC website. You can also check the official fare / price and seat availability for your convenience.

The timetable of buses are taken from official Ahmedabad Central - Geeta Mandir Depot and timings can alter based on city traffic conditions. There are only handful of buses running for Mumbai on daily basis, therefore if you have planned to travel, please make sure to go through additional details mentioned in this article.

    Sometimes due to extreme traffic conditions in this route, there is a good chance that these buses gets slowed down and reaches Mumbai Central late by an hour. Therefore plan your travel accordingly since there are other options as well like - Trains and Private Buses.

    Quick note - Volvo Buses will start from Ahmedabad Nehrunagar ST Bus Stand and will go through the normal route. We have given detailed information below.

    GSRTC Ahmedabad to Mumbai Bus Stoppages Route and Station Details

    Most of the people who take State Road Transport Buses are quite lucky because there are only handful of buses running daily on this route. Sometimes due to less number of passengers, GSRTC Buses only go till Surat or Navsari and then they terminate the journey.

    As we mentioned earlier, it depends on you - If you are taking local buses or trains, the mode of transport needs to be decided much earlier.

    Below is the route that is followed by these buses:

    • Ahmedabad Gitamandir ST Bus Stand
    • Baroda Central ST Stand
    • Bharuch - Zadeshwar GNFC Chowkdi
    • Surat Central ST Bus Stand
    • Navsari ST Bus Stand
    • Valsad Bus Stand
    • Bilimora ST Bus Stand
    • Vapi Central Bus Stand
    • Palghar ST Bus Stand
    • Borivali MSRTC Bus Stand
    • Dadar MSRTC ST Stand
    • Bandra ST Bus Stand
    • Mumbai Central MSRTC Bus Stand
    Please make sure to book your tickets in prior to travelling on this route.

    GSRTC Ahmedabad - Mumbai Central Bus Timetable and Timings Updated

    Currently there are no Express Bus Service that goes interstate as only Gurjarnagri Bus Services are allowed and available. One Sleeper Bus Service is also available with a Volvo Bus Service daily to Mumbai Central.

    The total road distance between Ahmedabad and Mumbai is approximately 520 KM in length and it takes roughly 12 hours to reach the destination.

    Gurjarnagri Bus Schedule

    Gurjarnagri remains the only mode of local transport available at a cheaper price for general public. Please find the details of the buses available as below:

    1. Vadnagar ST Bus Stand to Mumbai Central MSRTC Bus Stand Gurjarnagri Bus (Via: CTM Express, Baroda, Bharuch, Surat, Valsad and Vapi)

    Starting Time at Ahmedabad Gita Mandir Central: 16:40 PM and arrives Mumbai Central Bus Stand: 06:00 AM

    Sleeper Bus Schedule

    These are comfortable long route buses available between two cities. They are faster and quickest on this route, as Sleeper Buses will not halt in between at main bus stations.

    It will bypass the subsequent stations which doesn't have any passengers. List of buses are below:

    1. Ahmedabad Central Nehrunagar Bus Stand to Mumbai Central Sleeper Bus (Via: CTM Express Highway, Baroda, Ankleshwar, Surat, Valsad, Vapi and Borivali)

    Starting Time at Ahmedabad Geetamandir Central: 22:00 PM and arrives Mumbai Central MSRTC Stand: 08:30 AM

    Volvo Bus Service Schedule

    There is only one daily bus service that is available and most people prefer travelling to Surat on this bus. After Surat Central, the Volvo Bus almost runs empty till Vapi, until few passenger strength is available till Mumbai.

    Bus details are below:

    1. Ahmedabad Nehrunagar ST Bus Stand - Mumbai Central MSRTC Stand Volvo Bus Service (Via CTM Expressway, Baroda, Ankleshwar Bharuch, Surat, Navsari, Valsad, Vapi and Borivali)

    Starting Time at Ahmedabad Central Gita Mandir Stand: 18:15 PM and arrives Mumbai Central Bus Stand at: 04:00 AM 


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