20 June 2020

GSRTC Ahmedabad to Pavagadh Bus Timetable Timings Schedule Tickets

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) has introduced new services from Ahmedabad Central to Pavagadh for passenger convienience. Please take a look at the updated schedule, timetable timings for Ahmedabad Central Gitamandir Bus Stand - Pavagadh ST Stand buses available. You can also book tickets online based on seat availability and know the official fare / price of buses in the route. Currently GSRTC serves Express, Gurjarnagri and Sleeper Buses and no Volvo buses are available on this route.

The buses are available from Ahmedabad central stand (Geeta Mandir) and their timings are subjected to change based on arrival and departure status on traffic conditions throughout the route. However we recommend you to book tickets online to avoid last minute rush and no seats available problem.

    If you are planning to book bus tickets for a group of people, then you can also consider GSRTC Bus Booking for Marriage and Religious Tours at an affordable price. Pavagadh is a great weekend place to visit near Baroda and it serves many tourists every year around all parts of the state.

    GSRTC Ahmedabad to Pavagadh Bus Stoppages and Route

    Travelling from Ahmedabad is very convenient and below are the list of tentative stops that you can consider most of the buses go through in this route:

    • GSRTC Ahmedabad Gitamandir Bus Stand
    • Ahmedabad CTM Express Highway
    • Baroda Central CBS ST Stand
    • Pavagadh
    There are no pit stops taken by the buses since the length of the journey is short and direct reaching at Pavagadh station is considered for all GSRTC Buses.

    GSRTC Ahmedabad - Pavagadh Bus Timetable Timings Updated

    We have mentioned the timings and available buses for all days of the week, however these timings are available officially from Ahmedabad Central bus stand and being updated latest here:

    Also the approximate distance from Ahmedabad to Pavagadh stand outs to be around 160 KM and it takes 3 hours in general for buses to reach the destination station. There can be evening traffic along the stretch of Ahmedabad - Baroda Express Highway and reaching Pavagadh can be delayed sometimes.

    Express Bus Schedule

    These are the regular day buses that travel from one point to another station. These buses are very convenient for travelling short distances.

    1. Tharad - Pavagadh Express Bus (Ahmedabad: 01:00 am arrives Pavagadh: 05:15 am)

    2. Morbi - Ghoghamba Express Bus (Ahmedabad: 01:15 am arrives Pavagadh: 04:35 am)

    3. Mansa - Pavagadh Express Bus (Ahmedabad: 06:20 am arrives Pavagadh: 10:05 am)

    4. Tharad / Patan - Chhota Udaipur Bus (Ahmedabad: 11:55 am, 13:35 pm arrives Pavagadh: 16:00 pm, 17:30 pm)

    5. Ahmedabad / Wankaner - Chhota Udaipur / Ghoghamba Express Bus (Ahmedabad: 15:30, 15:50 arrives Pavagadh: 19:30, 19:45 pm)

    6. Ahmedabad / Palanpur - Jambughoda / Chhota Udaipur Bus (Ahmedabad: 16:30, 17:15 arrives Pavagadh: 20:45, 21:00 pm)

    7. Modasa - Bodeli Express Bus (Ahmedabad: 18:00 pm arrives Pavagadh: 22:30 pm)

    Gurjarnagri Bus Schedule

    These are long distance buses that travel from District to District. These are often red colored buses and are flexible for travelling long distances purposes.

    1. Nakhatrana - Bodeli Bus (Ahmedabad: 00:30 am arrives Pavagadh: 02:50 am)

    2. Ambaji / Kalol Mehsana - Chhota Udaipir / Ghoghamba Bus (Ahmedabad: 02:30 am, 07:30 am arrives Pavagadh: 05:30 am, 11:30 am)

    3. Surendranagar - Pavagadh Bus (Ahmedabad: 07:40 am arrives Pavagadh: 11:25 am)

    4. Wankaner / Bhuj - Chhota Udaipur (Ahmedabad: 14:35 pm, 21:45 pm arrives Pavagadh: 18:00 pm, 01:30 am)

    5. Ahmedabad - Manchi Bus (Ahmedabad: 23:30 pm arrives Pavagadh: 02:45 am)

    Sleeper Bus Time Table

    The following are the list of Sleeper Buses available on this route and people can consider these buses only while travelling at night for convenience to reach Pavagadh at morning time.

    1. Gandhinagar Central Bus Stand to Surat Central CBS Sleeper Bus (Ahmedabad Gitamandir Departure Time: 21:35 PM and arrival at Pavagadh ST Stand: 01:30 AM)

    2. Rajkot Central ST Stand to Pavagadh ST Stand (Ahmedabad Gitamandir Central Departure Time: 04:00 AM and arrival at Pavagadh ST Bus Stand: 07:35 AM)

    To comment your queries in regards to timings or timetable changes, we will take care of the same. Please respond with your questions and will be happy to help you out.


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