21 June 2020

GSRTC Gandhinagar to Baroda Bus Timetable Schedule Timings

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation - GSRTC has started new services of buses from Gandhinagar Depot to Baroda Central Bus Station. You can check the updated timetable of GSRTC Gandhinagar - Baroda (Vadodara) Bus Timings online. Now you can book tickets online and know the fare / price and seat availability of each bus service. Currently there are 24 Express bus service, 16 Gurjarnagri, 2 Sleeper buses and 20 Vikas route (Mini) buses operating everyday in this route. In this article, we have also mentioned the detailed list of stops and route buses take to complete the journey.

The availability of buses are dependent on traffic conditions within the city and highway roads. Therefore it is advisable to visit Gandhinagar Bus Depot prior to  timetable timings to catch respective bus. Sometimes buses are late due to city traffic or connecting traffic length in highway of Ahmedabad - Gandhinagar Highway.

    All the above buses go through Ahmedabad or even some of them bypass Ahmedabad to travel towards Baroda (Vadodara City). It is important to consider the new offering by GSRTC Team with monthly basis and weekly concession tickets and passes scheme.

    Please avail the facility since it is available for all students, daily passenger travellers and senior citizens as well. If you need details, please post your queries in comment section below and we will address them as soon as we can.

    Gandhinagar Sector Bus Stand to Baroda Central CBS Bus Stoppages and Route

    In this section, we will cover the details regarding buses travelling along two routes. The first route is via Ahmedabad that most Express and Vikas route mini buses take which is good for Ahmedabad public to board the bus.

    The other route is via skipping Ahmedabad and directly entering Ahmedabad - Baroda Highway to reach the destination within time that most Sleeper and Gurjarnagri long journey buses take. Please check the details below:

    Route 1:

    • Gandhinagar Sector Central Bus Stand
    • Vaishnodevi Circle
    • Sola Civil
    • Subhash Bridge
    • Income Tax / Paldi
    • Ahmedabad CTM Express Highway
    • Baroda Amit Nagar
    Route 2:
    • Gandhinagar Central CBS Bus Stand
    • Vaishnodevi Circle
    • Iskcon Cross Roads
    • Ahmedabad Nehrunagar
    • Ahmedabad Gitamandir Bus Stand
    • Express Highway CTM
    • Baroda Amit Nagar
    Please follow the buses according to your convenience for journey till Baroda.

    GSRTC Gandhinagar - Baroda Central Bus Timetable Updated online

    In this section, we will be covering details of bus timetable and timings as per latest schedule released by GSRTC Officials. Post COVID-19 crisis, the buses will run with extreme safety measures and pure precaution and sanitization to be done regularly.

    The approximate travel distance is around 150 KM in length and it takes approximately 3 hours for buses to complete the journey.

    Sometimes evening bound buses will reach late due to extreme traffic in Ahmedabad Highway and it causes atleast 30 min delay in reaching Baroda. Please plan your travel and tickets accordingly.

    Express Bus Timetable

    Following are the list of Express bus service available on daily pickups. These buses are quite faster in travel and reaches the destination on time. As said earlier, most of these buses go through Ahmedabad Geetamandir Bus Stand, but their timing and punctuality is excellent which is very good for office and daily passengers travel.

    We have listed the buses plying as below:

    Bus Starting PointBus Ending PointBus at GANDHINAGARBus at BARODA CENTRALTravel TimeSeat Availability and Tickets
    MansaPavagadh05:30 AM08:25 AM2 hours 55 minutesYes Available
    GandhinagarSongadh06:00 AM09:00 AM3 hoursYes Available
    MansaPavagadh07:00 AM09:55 AM2 hours 55 minutesYes Available
    MehsanaSurat Central08:00 AM12:05 PM4 hoursYes Available
    VijapurDabhoi08:05 AM11:05 AM3 hoursYes Available
    KheraluBaroda Central08:20 AM11:40 AM3 hours 20 minutesYes Available
    VisnagarBilimora08:45 AM12:15 PM3 hours 30 minutesYes Available
    AmbajiUkai09:30 AM12:00 PM2 hours 30 minutesYes Available

    Bus Starting PointBus Ending PointBus at GANDHINAGARBus at BARODA CENTRALTravel TimeSeat Availability and Tickets
    AmbajiChhota Udaipur12:00 PM15:00 PM3 hoursYes Available
    VadnagarBaroda Central12:30 PM15:35 PM3 hours 5 minutesYes Available
    KheraluSurat Central12:35 PM16:25 PM3 hours 50 minutesYes Available
    VijapurSurat Central13:30 PM16:55 PM3 hours 25 minutesYes Available
    PalanpurSurat Central13:45 PM16:00 PM2 hours 30 minutesYes Available
    KheraluBaroda Central14:00 PM17:10 PM3 hours 10 minutesYes Available
    MansaBaroda14:15 PM17:10 PM2 hours 55 minutesYes Available
    AmbajiBaroda Central14:30 PM18:00 PM3 hours 30 minutesYes Available
    VijapurBharuch14:35 PM17:30 PM2 hours 55 minutesYes Available

    Gurjarnagri Bus Schedule Timings

    These buses are long journey buses travelling from district to district and their availability depends on the length of distance covered. Most of the time, these buses are late due to their connecting routes, so planning your journey by booking tickets online in Gurjarnagri buses is a bit risky.

    Following are the list of buses running on daily basis after COVID-19 situation currently in Gujarat:

    Bus Starting PointBus Ending PointBus at GANDHINAGARBus at BARODA CENTRALTravel TimeSeat Availability and Tickets
    VijapurSurat Central17:00 PM20:35 PM3 hours 35 minutesYes Available
    AmbajiWaghodiya17:15 PM21:00 PM3 hours 45 minutesYes Available
    PalanpurSurat Central20:30 PM23:15 PM2 hours 45 minutesYes Available
    SiddhpurSurat Choksi Mill21:25 PM00:30 AM3 hours 5 minutesYes Available
    GandhinagarDharampur21:40 PM00:40 AM3 hoursYes Available
    AmbajiSurat Central23:05 PM02:30 AM2 hours 25 minutesYes Available


    1. Please Provied Vikas Rout bus time table. Via Naroda-Krishana nagar.

    2. gandhinagar to baroda - 6 am, 7 am , 3 pm, 4 pm
      baroda to gandhinagar - 8:45 am, 9:45 am, 5:45 pm, 6:45 pm

      for other time please contact depot.

      1. these buses can be catched from bhatt circle , sardar patel ring road, pl. give me information

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