20 June 2020

GSRTC Baroda to Gandhinagar Bus Timetable Schedule Timings

Gujarat State Road Transport and Corporation (GSRTC) has introduced new services from Baroda Central to Gandhinagar on regular basis. You can check the updated Baroda to Gandhinagar Bus Time Table and Timings online for your reference. Please check the fare / price and seat availability of buses in the route and book your tickets online accordingly. Currently there are 15 Express buses, 10 Gurjarnagri and 2 Sleeper buses operating in this route.

The actual availability of the buses depends on running traffic conditions within the city and road limits in the highway. You are advisable to reach Baroda Central Bus stand (Vadodara) prior to some time to avoid last minute rush for tickets and boarding the bus.

    There are cases where it might happen that buses run late in specific routes due to connecting cities traffic length and city traffic therefore, buses tend to get late by 10-15 minutes to reach the final destination.

    GSRTC Baroda to Gandhinagar Bus Route and Stops Enroute

    It is important to keep in mind that people taking these buses can board them across the bus stations that fall within the route and timings. We have listed below the details covering the route and this can change depending upon buses availability.

    The bus stoppages are:

    • Baroda Central Sama Savli
    • Baroda Amit Nagar
    • Ahmedabad Express Highway CTM
    • Ahmedabad Gitamandir ST Bus Stand
    • Ahmedabad Nehrunagar
    • Iskcon Cross Roads
    • Sola Civil
    • Vaishnodevi Circle
    • Gandhinagar Sector
    If you are within the route, then don't hesitate to board them at your location. The bus fare and ticket prices will depend within that specific route.

    There is one pit stop for these buses, generally it's not all the buses that stop at these, only few of them. Gurjarnagri buses will generally halt at this location - Hotel Honest in Ahmedabad - Baroda Express Highway.

    GSRTC Baroda Central to Gandhinagar Bus Timetable and Timings Online

    In this section, we have covered the details regarding Express Bus, Gurjarnagri Buses, Sleeper and Mini Bus Schedule available for passenger convenience. The approximate distance between two ST Bus stations is approximately 150 KM and it takes around 3 hours for buses to cover.

    Gandhinagar route is best when buses skip through Ahmedabad and bypass it generally via Narol highway. That happens for most of the Anand and Nadiad to Gandhinagar bound buses as they skip through Gitamandir Bus Stand to avoid rush.

    Sometimes buses also bypass Ahmedabad Gita Mandir to avoid rush of passenger and go through CTM - Narol - S.G.Highway. Please take a look at the updated schedule of the buses below:

    Express Bus Schedule Timetable

    Express buses are greatly convenient because of their timely run from one city to another. These buses generally carry daily passengers enroute to Gandhinagar and Baroda and they reach spot on time at the location.

    The Government of Gujarat has made it easier for people to board these buses along the route and availability across ST Bus Stations.

    Bus Starting PointBus Ending PointBus at BARODA CENTRALBus at GANDHINAGARTravel TimeSeat Availability and Tickets
    Choksi Mill SuratVisnagar00:30 AM03:25 AM2 hours 55 minutesYes Available
    SongadhGandhinagar01:05 AM04:05 AM3 hoursYes Available
    Surat CentralVijapur01:30 AM04:30 AM3 hoursYes Available
    Baroda CentralAmbaji05:00 AM07:45 AM2 hours 45 minutesYes Available
    WaghodiyaAmbaji06:30 AM09:00 AM2 hours 30 minutesYes Available
    BharuchVijapur07:30 AM10:30 AM3 hoursYes Available
    JambusarAmbaji07:45 AM11:10 AM3 hours 25 minutesYes Available

    Bus Starting PointBus Ending PointBus at BARODA CENTRALBus at GANDHINAGARTravel TimeSeat Availability and Tickets
    Surat CentralVijapur10:15 AM13:50 PM3 hours 35 minutesYes Available
    ChikhliVisnagar11:30 AM14:30 PM3 hoursYes Available
    UkaiAmbaji11:55 AM14:45 PM2 hours 50 minutesYes Available
    Baroda CentralKheralu12:00 PM14:55 PM2 hours 55 minutesYes Available
    DabhoiVijapur12:55 PM16:00 PM3 hoursYes Available
    Baroda CentralKheralu18:00 PM21:00 PM3 hoursYes Available
    Surat CentralPalanpur23:15 PM01:30 AM2 hours 15 minutesYes Available
    NavsariVadnagar23:30 PM01:50 AM2 hours 20 minutesYes Available

    Gurjarnagri Bus Timetable Schedule

    The following are the list of buses currently updated on daily basis that run from Baroda Central CBS Bus Station:

    1. Surat Central CBS to Gandhinagar Central Bus Station Gurjarnagri Bus (Baroda Central CBS Departure Time: 10:30 AM and arrival at Gandhinagar ST Stand: 13:30 PM)

    2. Navsari / Vapi ST Bus Stand to Mehsana ST Bus Stand Gurjarnagri Bus (Baroda Central CBS Departure Time: 12:00 PM and arrival at Gandhinagar ST Stand: 14:45 PM)

    3. Baroda Central ST Bus Stand to Mount Abu ST Bus Stand Gurjarnagri Bus (Baroda Central CBS Departure Time: 14:30 PM and arrival at Gandhinagar ST Stand: 17:30 PM)

    4. Bharuch ST Bus Stand to Patan GSRTC Stand Gurjarnagri Bus (Baroda Central CBS Departure Time: 17:00 PM and arrival at Gandhinagar ST Stand: 20:10 PM)


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