20 June 2020

GSRTC Ahmedabad to Mehsana Bus Timetable Schedule Timings

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation has introduced new services from Ahmedabad to Mehsana on daily basis. Please check the updated timetable timings from Ahmedabad Central (Gitamandir) - Mehsana bus station. Facility for booking tickets online is based on seat availability and payment for your tickets online. GSRTC has also provided fares and prices of tickets for different buses plying on the route. Currently there are 52 Express buses and 22 Gurjarnagri buses running on daily basis from Ahmedabad. There are few Volvo buses running on weekly basis from GSRTC Nehrunagar Bus Station. All the details regarding fare and bus tops are also provided below.

Lots of buses start from Ahmedabad itself which run towards Tharad, Diyodar, Ambaji, Palanpur and Patan directly and reaches on time. However in some cases when traffic length within the connecting cities are large, it becomes difficult to reach within scheduled time, hence it gets late.

    It approximately takes 2 hours to reach Mehsana from Ahmedabad Gitamandir stand. There are buses running every 25 minutes throughout the day so that effective transport is available for the public.

    It is important to note that buses that leave for Mehsana during the evening and morning time rush hours tend to get late due to extreme traffic at S.G.Highway and at different checkpoints in Ahmedabad City.

    Ahmedabad Gitamandir to Mehsana ST Stand Bus Stops and Route Details

    In this section, we are talking about the route that most of the GSRTC Buses take and their general convenience for the passengers. There are two routes available - the First route is via Sabarmati and the second route is via S.G.Highway.

    We will cover both route details in the below stoppages of the buses.

    Most of the Gurjarnagri buses follow Route 1 which is below:

    • Ahmedabad Gitamandir Bus Stand
    • Paldi
    • Income Tax
    • Sabarmati ST Stand
    • Ring Road Bypass
    • Kalol
    • Gandhinagar Sector
    • Mehsana
    Most of the Express and Mini Buses follow Route 2 which is general as below:
    • Ahmedabad Gitamandir Bus Stand
    • Subhash Bridge
    • Ahmedabad Nehrunagar
    • Iskcon Cross Road
    • Sola Civil
    • S.G.Highway
    • Gandhinagar Sector
    • Mehsana
    Both routes have equal traffic and depends upon the buses how they will move through the city.

    GSRTC Ahmedabad Central - Mehsana Bus Timetable Timings Updated Online

    In this section, we will covering the basic timetable and timings of Express Buses, Gurjarnagri Buses, Sleeper and Mini Buses available from Ahmedabad City. The approximate distance between Ahmedabad to Mehsana is around 85 KM in length it takes 2 hours to cover the same.

    There are many private bus operators and vans available in Sabarmati sector which provides quicker service as well, however it is always safer to avoid crowded vans and take GSRTC Buses for better distancing.

    Express Bus Schedule Timings

    Following are the list of buses that are available and these day running buses are highly preferred basically due to their fast moving and general availability time.

    They move throughout the day and Express buses hardly get delayed because they get the highest priority in moving from one place to another. Below is the list of buses:

    Bus Starting StationBus Ending StationBus at AHMEDABADBus at MEHSANASeat Availability and Tickets
    Choksi Mill (Surat)Siddhpur02:35 AM06:55 AMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralRapar05:00 AM07:15 AMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralDiyodar05:15 AM07:20 AMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralAmbaji06:00 AM07:55 AMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralDiyodar06:00 AM07:50 AMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralRadhanpur06:30 AM08:25 AMYes Available

    Bus Starting StationBus Ending StationBus at AHMEDABADBus at MEHSANASeat Availability and Tickets
    Ahmedabad CentralDhanera06:45 AM08:30 AMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralTharad07:15 AM09:15 AMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralRadhanpur07:30 AM09:30 AMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralRevdar RJ07:45 AM09:45 AMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralDhanera08:30 AM10:25 AMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralPatan08:35 AM10:30 AMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralDiyodar09:00 AM11:00 AMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralPatan09:45 AM11:40 AMYes Available
    Bhatar SuratSiddhpur10:00 AM12:00 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralRadhanpur11:15 AM13:10 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralRadhanpur11:30 AM13:25 PMYes Available

    Gurjarnagri Bus Schedule Timetable

    These are long distance running buses and they generally take Route 1 as described above moving through Kalol district as well. The timely availability of these buses depend upon their long running schedule and they move quicker from one junction to another.

    Below are the list of buses:

    Bus Starting StationBus Ending StationBus at AHMEDABADBus at MEHSANASeat Availability and Tickets
    PavagadhTharad11:30 AM13:30 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralHarij11:35 AM13:25 PMYes Available
    Chhota UdaipurSami11:40 AM13:50 PMYes Available
    UkaiRamsingh12:00 PM14:00 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralDiyodar12:30 PM14:25 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralTharad12:45 PM14:35 PMYes Available
    AmreliSiddhpur12:50 PM14:50 PMYes Available
    JamnagarPalanpur13:20 PM15:15 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralRamdevra13:30 PM15:30 PMYes Available
    BardoliPatan13:50 PM15:55 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralDiyodar14:00 PM16:05 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralHarij14:20 PM16:20 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralJirawala RJ14:30 PM16:30 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralPatan14:45 PM16:35 PMYes Available

    Bus Starting StationBus Ending StationBus at AHMEDABADBus at MEHSANASeat Availability and Tickets
    ZalodPalanpur15:20 PM17:15 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralBhabhar15:30 PM17:20 PMYes Available
    NavsariPatan15:40 PM17:45 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralTharad15:45 PM17:55 PMYes Available
    Surat CentralDiyodar16:10 PM18:20 PMYes Available
    ValsadRapar16:15 PM18:35 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralPatan16:25 PM18:40 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralBhabhar16:30 PM18:50 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralDeesa16:45 PM18:50 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralPatan17:25 PM19:30 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralTharad18:00 PM20:05 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralHarij18:00 PM20:00 PMYes Available
    DahodMehsana19:15 PM21:15 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralDiyodar19:30 PM21:30 PMYes Available
    VapiZalor20:30 PM22:30 PMYes Available

    Sleeper Bus Timetable and Schedule

    These buses are also available during most parts of the day and night so people can avail resting facility while the journey is undertaken. These long distance buses provide passenger comfort at the very best!

    The list of buses are:

    Bus Starting StationBus Ending StationBus at AHMEDABADBus at MEHSANASeat Availability and Tickets
    AnandPatan21:05 PM23:00 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralRapar21:15 PM23:15 PMYes Available
    Ahmedabad CentralTharad22:00 PM23:50 PMYes Available
    DahodDeesa22:30 PM00:20 AMYes Available
    NavsariRadhanpur22:40 PM00:25 AMYes Available
    HalolTharad23:15 PM01:00 AMYes Available
    RajpiplaBhankhari23:45 PM01:30 AMYes Available
    JamnagarPalanpur01:50 AM03:40 AMYes Available


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