14 October 2016

GSRTC Ahmedabad to Nadiad Bus Timetable Timings

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation has introduced new services from Ahmedabad to Nadiad on daily basis. Please check the updated timetable and timings of GSRTC buses from Ahmedabad Central (Gitamandir) to Nadiad bus station. You can also book tickets online based on seat availability and pay for your tickets online. GSRTC has also provided fares and prices of tickets for different buses plying on the route. Currently there are 61 Express buses and 20 Gurjarnagri buses running on daily basis from Ahmedabad.

Lot of buses start from Ahmedabad itself which run towards Petlad, Borsad and Nadiad directly and reaches on time. However in some cases when traffic length within the connecting cities are large, it becomes difficult to reach within scheduled time, hence late of 5 - 10 minutes.

It approximately takes 1 hour 10 minutes to reach Nadiad from Ahmedabad Gitamandir stand. There are buses running every 15 minutes throughout the day so that effective transport is available for the public.

GSRTC Ahmedabad Central - Nadiad Bus Timetable Timings 2016 online

Usually Petlad and Borsad buses follow the route: Ahmedabad - Mahemdavad Kheda - Nadiad highway. The direct buses to Nadiad follow the route: Ahmedabad - CTM - Express Highway - Nadiad. The latter is quicker and easier in terms of reaching the destination.

Express Bus Schedule:

Bus Starting PointBus Ending PointBus at AHMEDABADBus at NADIADSeat Availability and Tickets
TharadBaroda Central03:00 AM04:15 AMYes Available
NakhatranaAnand05:00 AM06:20 AMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralMandvi (Surat)05:30 AM06:50 AMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralPetlad05:30 AM06:30 AMYes Available
MemnagarRajpipla05:40 AM07:00 AMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralBorsad06:30 AM07:45 AMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralZalod08:15 AM09:30 AMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralPetlad08:25 AM09:35 AMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralGodhara08:30 AM09:50 AMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralBorsad08:40 AM10:00 AMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralKaramsad08:55 AM10:10 AMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralNadiad09:05 AM10:10 AMYes Available
DeesaPetlad09:05 AM10:15 AMYes Available

Bus Starting PointBus Ending PointBus at AHMEDABADBus at NADIADSeat Availability and Tickets
Ahmedabad CentralBorsad09:20 AM10:30 AMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralDharmaj09:45 AM11:05 AMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralNadiad09:50 AM11:05 AMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralDakor10:10 AM11:30 AMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralBorsad10:15 AM11:30 AMYes Available
DiyodharAnand10:30 AM12:00 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralPetlad10:40 AM12:00 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralBorsad11:15 AM12:30 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralBorsad11:50 AM13:00 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralVagra12:00 PM13:20 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralNadiad12:25 PM13:30 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralBhadran12:45 PM14:00 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralNadiad13:05 PM14:10 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralBorsad13:25 PM14:40 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralBaroda Central13:30 PM15:00 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralPetlad13:50 PM15:02 PMYes Available
RaparAnand14:05 PM15:20 PMYes Available

Bus Starting PointBus Ending PointBus at AHMEDABADBus at NADIADSeat Availability and Tickets
Ahmedabad CentralBorsad14:20 PM15:30 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralPetlad14:30 PM15:45 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralNadiad14:30 PM15:35 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralDahod14:32 PM16:00 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralPetlad15:00 PM16:10 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralNadiad15:10 PM16:20 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralDakor15:30 PM16:55 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralBorsad16:00 PM17:09 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralDhanpur16:00 PM17:20 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralNadiad16:25 PM17:37 PMYes Available
SurendranagarHalol16:40 PM18:10 PMYes Available
AmbajiNadiad17:15 PM18:25 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralDhuliya17:30 PM18:40 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralZalod17:30 PM18:45 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralDhuvaran17:30 PM18:57 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralVirsad17:45 PM19:03 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralNadiad18:20 PM19:35 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralPetlad18:20 PM19:40 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralKaramsad18:40 PM20:00 PMYes Available

Bus Starting PointBus Ending PointBus at AHMEDABADBus at NADIADSeat Availability and Tickets
AmbajiDakor19:15 PM20:30 PMYes Available
AmbajiBorsad19:40 PM20:55 PMYes Available
PatanPetlad19:45 PM21:00 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralPetlad20:00 PM21:10 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralDahod20:00 PM21:15 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralBorsad20:30 PM21:40 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralBariya21:00 PM22:05 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralZalod22:00 PM23:07 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralGodhra22:00 PM23:10 PMYes Available
Ahmedabad CentralPavagadh22:00 PM23:05 PMYes Available
MorbiChhota Udaipur22:30 PM23:47 PMYes Available


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