18 November 2016

GSRTC Ahmedabad to Mount Abu Bus Timetable Timings

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation has introduced several bus services from Ahmedabad to Mount Abu / Abu Road on daily basis. Please check the updated timetable and timings of buses running from Ahmedabad Gitamandir Bus Stand to Mount Abu Bus stand. GSRTC has facilitated online ticket booking service through which passengers can book E-Tickets online based on seat availability. Kindly check the fare / price of tickets before boarding or booking tickets for particular bus. Currently there are 1 Express bus and 5 Gurjarnagri Bus services running daily from Ahmedabad.

The approximate time to reach Mount Abu (Abu Road) from Ahmedabad is 5 hours and the total distance between the two cities is 235 KM in length. Sometimes due to traffic between the highways and connecting cities, it becomes difficult for buses to reach on time and therefore a potential delay of about 20 - 25 minutes can happen on long routes.

We advise you to reach Ahmedabad Central Bus stand atleast 15 minutes prior to boarding time of bus schedule. You can definitely check the correct arrival of bus timings and make sure you book tickets as well to avoid last minute rush.

GSRTC Ahmedabad Geetamandir - Mount Abu / Abu Road Bus Timetable 2016 Timings

The buses usually follow the route: Ahmedabad Central - Paldi - Nehrunagar - Palanpur - Taleti - Pali - Abu Road - Mount Abu. Please find the new schedule of buses as mentioned below:

Express Bus Schedule:

Ukai - Ramsingh Express Bus (Ahmedabad Departure: 12:00 PM arriving Abu Road: 16:50 PM)

Gurjarnagri Bus Schedule:

1. Ahmedabad Central - Mount Abu Gurjarnagri Bus (Ahmedabad Departure: 06:45 AM arriving Mount Abu: 13:00 PM)

2. Ahmedabad Central - Jodhpur Gurjarnagri Bus (Ahmedabad Departure: 08:15 AM arriving Abu Road: 11:45 AM)

3. Ahmedabad Central - Mount Abu Gurjarnagri Bus (Ahmedabad Departure: 12:45 PM arriving Mount Abu: 20:00 PM)

4. Ahmedabad Central - Kalindri Gurjarnagri Bus (Ahmedabad Departure: 20:45 PM arriving Abu Road: 02:00 AM)

5. Vapi - Jodhpur Gurjarnagri Bus (Ahmedabad Departure: 23:15 PM arriving Abu Road: 03:40 AM)


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