25 November 2020

GSRTC Ahmedabad to Udaipur Bus Timetable Timings Schedule Online

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation has started new bus services from Ahmedabad to Udaipur on daily basis. Kindly check the new updated timetable and timings of buses running from Ahmedabad Central Gitamandir Bus Stand to Udaipur City ST Stand. GSRTC has also facilitated passengers with new online ticket booking system through which passengers can book and pay tickets online. You can also check seat availability status and know the fare of tickets for the journey. As of now, there are 2 Express buses, 4 Gurjarnagri buses and 3 Sleeper buses running daily from Ahmedabad and 1 expected GSRTC Volvo bus to be soon inaugurated in Udaipur.

The distance between Ahmedabad and Udaipur is approximately 265 KM and it takes around 5 hours to complete the journey. There are two to three stops in between the journey which might affect the final reaching time by 20 to 25 minutes due to extensive city traffic. This is not regular, but buses might get stuck in between Gujarat - Rajasthan highway during heavy traffic.

We advise you to reach Ahmedabad Geetamandir ST Stand atleast 15 to 20 minutes prior to boarding time of bus. To ensure proper reaching time and timely bus arrival - please book tickets prior to the journey for hassle free experience.

Due to recent COVID-19 situation, there has been some travel restrictions applied on both exit of passengers from Gujarat and entry of people in Rajasthan. With the recent infection concerns, Government of Gujarat has advised GSRTC buses to comply with health norms as mandated.

GSRTC Ahmedabad to Udaipur Bus Route Stations and Stoppages

The buses travelling to Udaipur will halt at few bus stations enroute and there will be a break stop for 30 minutes in between as well. In total, the time taken to travel will be approximately 5 hours 30 minutes to 6 hours. 

We have given the below details regarding the bus stoppages:
  • Ahmedabad Gitamandir ST Bus Stand
  • Naroda Patiya Cross Road
  • Ahmedabad Nana Chiloda
  • Himmatnagar ST Bus Stand
  • Shamlaji Cross Road
  • Ratanpur Border
  • Kesaryaji Cross Road
  • Udaipur Highway Junction
  • Udaipur RSRTC Bus Stand
The above are a tentative list of stations buses will halt and will change depending upon frequency and time.

GSRTC Ahmedabad Gitamandir ST Stand - Udaipur ST Stand Bus Timetable Timings online

The buses generally follow the route as mentioned: Ahmedabad Central - Naroda Patiya - Nana Chiloda - Mota Chiloda - Himmatnagar - Shamlaji - Kesaryaji - Ratnabari - Udaipur. Please follow the below mentioned timings of the buses.

The Express buses generally run throughout the day and comprises of fast moving fleet of buses from GSRTC. The Gurjarnagri buses are generally long distance buses and most passengers travel from different parts of Gujarat, therefore becomes difficult to travel in them.

Let us check the details below.

Express Bus Schedule

The Express buses operate from 6 AM in the morning to 9 PM in the evening between Ahmedabad and Udaipur. The fare for them is Rs.212/- per head and approximate travel time is 6 hours.

1. Ahmedabad Gitamandir - AMET Express Bus (Ahmedabad Departure Time: 09:00 AM and arrives Udaipur ST Stand: 15:00 PM)

2. Bhavnagar ST Stand - Udaipur Express Bus (Ahmedabad Gitamandir Departure Time: 16:00 PM and arrives Udaipur RSRTC Stand: 22:00 PM)

Gurjarnagri Bus Schedule

These buses are either inter-state buses or long distance intercity buses plying between both cities. The fare for travelling in Gurjarnagri bus is around Rs.223/- per head and travel time is around 5 hours 30 minutes.

The list of buses are:

1. Morbi - Udaipur Gurjarnagri Bus (Ahmedabad Departure: 00:05 AM arriving Udaipur: 05:30 AM)

2. Ahmedabad Maninagar - Nathdwara Gurjarnagri Bus (Ahmedabad Departure: 07:00 AM reaching Udaipur: 14:30 PM)

3. Rajkot Gondal - Udaipur Gurjarnagri Bus (Ahmedabad Departure: 15:00 PM reaching Udaipur: 21:15 PM)

4. Rajkot Central - Nathdwara Gurjarnagri Bus (Ahmedabad Departure: 22:00 PM reaching Udaipur: 04:20 AM)

Sleeper Bus Schedule

These buses generally run during night and their services are long distance based. The travel fees in Sleeper buses is approximately Rs.253/- per head and travel time is 6 hours.

1. Ahmedabad Nehrunagar - Udaipur Sleeper Bus Service (Ahmedabad Gitamandir Departure Time: 22:00 PM and arrives Udaipur RSRTC Stand: 04:00 AM)


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