27 November 2020

GSRTC Gandhinagar to Ahmedabad Bus Timetable Timings Schedule online

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation has started new schedule of buses from Gandhinagar to Ahmedabad on daily basis. Kindly check the updated timetable and timings of buses running from Gandhinagar ST Depot Bus Stand to Ahmedabad Central Gitamandir Bus Stand. GSRTC has also started online ticket booking called E-Ticketing through which passengers can book their seats, check availability status and pay online. Currently there are 43 Express buses, 20 Gurjarnagri buses and 4 Sleeper buses operating daily from Gandhinagar.

The approximate distance between Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad is 37 KM and it takes about 1 hour for buses to reach the destination. Sometimes due to heavy traffic along S.G.Highway or Naroda - Krishnanagar route, buses might reach by 10 to 15 minutes. Therefore passengers are requested to plan their journey accordingly to avoid any inconvenience.

We would advise you to reach Gandhinagar Depot ST Stand atleast 15 minutes prior to boarding time of bus. In order to effectively know which buses are running late and which are on time to reach Ahmedabad can be better judged.

According to the new rules starting January 2021, GSRTC Buses will provide enough safety measures for passengers travelling on this route. We have compiled the information for latest bus timetable starting December 2020 and these have been updated at station timetable as well.

GSRTC Gandhinagar to Ahmedabad Gitamandir Bus Stops Timings Route

This section covers insights on Gandhinagar buses travelling towards Ahmedabad and their routes they generally follow along with the halts. Remember these are major halts along the route and buses tend to get delayed by few minutes in reaching the stops sometimes.

Following are the bus stations:
  • Gandhinagar ST Depot
  • Khoraj Circle
  • Infocity
  • Adalaj
  • Vaishnodevi Circle
  • Sola Civil
  • Sola High Court
  • Thaltej Chowkdi
  • Pakwan Circle (Bodakdev)
  • Iskcon Circle
  • Ahmedabad Nehrunagar ST Stand
  • Shahibaug
  • Ahmedabad Gitamandir ST Stand
The above stations are major stops on the route and can change depending on the route circular notices released by Gandhinagar city.

GSRTC Gandhinagar ST Depot Bus Stand - Ahmedabad Central Geetamandir Stand Bus Timetable Timings online

The buses usually follow the route as mentioned: Ahmedabad Central - Paldi - Nehrunagar - S.G.Highway - Gandhinagar Depot. 

Generally Express and Mini buses are faster to reach the destination since they travel throughout the day and remain convenient for public passengers.

The Gurjarnagri and Volvo buses are less likely for travel since they remain occupied by long distance travellers on this route coming from Saurashtra and Mehsana. We have compiled the details of timings below.

Please find the schedule of buses below:

Express Bus Schedule:

The Express buses are generally the most important buses running from morning 5:30 AM till late night. Below is the schedule:

1. Mansa - Pavagadh Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 05:30 AM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 06:20 AM)
2. Gandhinagar - Bhavnagar Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 05:30 AM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 06:25 AM)
3. Gandhinagar - Songadh Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 06:00 AM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 06:55 AM)
4. Mansa - Pavagadh Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 07:00 AM reaching Ahmedabad: 08:00 AM)
5. Visnagar - Anand Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 07:45 AM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 08:55 AM)
6. Kheralu - Ahmedabad Central Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 07:55 AM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 09:00 AM)
7. Visnagar - Bilimora Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 08:05 AM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 09:00 AM)
8. Vijapur - Dabhoi Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 08:05 AM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 09:10 AM)
9. Ambaji - Ukai Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 09:30 AM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 10:30 AM)
10. Kheralu - Ahmedabad Central Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 09:45 AM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 10:45 AM)

11. Mansa - Jamnagar Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 10:45 AM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 11:45 AM)
12. Ambaji - Chhota Udaipur Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 12:00 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 13:00 PM)
13. Visnagar - Surat Choksi Mill Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 12:05 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 13:05 PM)
14. Mansa - Surat Central Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 12:40 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 13:30 PM)
15. Gandhinagar - Mahuva Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 12:45 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 13:45 PM)
16. Gandhinagar - Sanjeli Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 13:10 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 14:10 PM)
17. Ambaji - Selamba Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 13:20 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 14:15 PM)
18. Vijapur - Surat Central Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 13:30 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 14:30 PM)
19. Vijapur - Borsad Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 14:00 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 15:00 PM)
20. Gandhinagar - Surat Central Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 14:00 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 15:00 PM)

Gurjarnari Bus Schedule

These are long distance buses carrying passengers beyond Gandhinagar and goes further from Ahmedabad. The buses are:

21. Vadnagar - Pavagadh Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 14:45 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 15:45 PM)
22. Ambaji - Baroda Central Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 15:15 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 16:10 PM)
23. Ambaji - Nadiad Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 16:00 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 17:00 PM)
24. Mansa - Somnath Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 16:20 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 17:15 PM)
25. Vijapur - Morbi Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 16:30 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 17:30 PM)
26. Kheralu - Ahmedabad Central Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 16:40 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 17:40 PM)
27. Vijapur - Surat Central Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 17:00 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 18:00 PM)
28. Ambaji - Waghodiya Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 17:15 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 18:15 PM)
29. Ambaji - Ahmedabad Central Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 17:20 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 18:20 PM)
30. Kheralu - Ahmedabad Central Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 17:40 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 18:30 PM)

31. Ambaji - Dakor Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 18:05 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 19:00 PM)
32. Mehsana - Jhalod Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 18:10 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 19:10 PM)
33. Visnagar - Dhari Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 18:45 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 19:45 PM)
34. Ambaji - Ahmedabad Central Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 18:45 AM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 19:50 PM)
35. Ambaji - Bhanvad Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 19:15 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 20:20 PM)
36. Gandhinagar - Kodinar Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 19:30 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 20:30 PM)
37. Ambaji - Ahmedabad Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 19:45 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 20:50 PM)
38. Palanpur - Surat Central Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 20:30 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 21:25 PM)
39. Satlasna - Surat Central Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 20:55 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 21:50 PM)
40. Gandhinagar - Una Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 21:00 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 22:00 PM)

41. Gandhinagar - Dharampur Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 21:40 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 22:35 PM)
42. Ambaji - Surat Central Express Bus (Gandhinagar Time: 23:05 PM reaching Ahmedabad Gitamandir: 00:10 AM)


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