3 July 2020

GSRTC Mehsana to Ahmedabad Bus Timetable Schedule Timings Online

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) has started new buses from Mehsana to Ahmedabad on daily basis. Kindly check the updated timetable and timings of buses from Mehsana ST Bus Stand to Ahmedabad Central Gitamandir Stand. GSRTC has also provided facility for online ticket booking on the basis on seat reservation and availability. You can also check the updated fare / price of tickets online for the buses. Currently there are about 75 Express buses, 35 Gurjarnagri buses, 6 Sleeper buses and 1 Volvo bus running daily from Mehsana. We have also covered the details regarding bus stoppages and route details for passenger pickup convenience.

The approximate distance between Mehsana and Ahmedabad is 90 KM in length. It usually takes about 1 hour 45 minutes to reach the destination in either way. Sometimes due to connecting cities traffic length, buses tend to get late by 15 minutes to reach Ahmedabad.

    The buses travel through Ahmedabad Mehsana Highway, so it tends to reach faster than conventional National highway. We advise you to reach Mehsana ST Stand atleast 15 minutes prior to boarding time of bus, so that you can assess the situation and know which bus will be arriving on time.

    Mehsana highway is generally very good in terms of travelling by private vehicles as well. The road till Viramgam is super smooth and you will reach the same on time because there are less traffic except weekend travelling.

    GSRTC Mehsana to Ahmedabad Bus Route Stoppages and Halt Stations

    In this section, we are covering the details regarding the buses halting in this route and also which route most of the GSRTC buses follow to reach Ahmedabad. With the current scenario, buses will halt for once and then do non-stop journey to reach the destination.

    There are lots of private operators Volvo buses also available in this route. However, we have mentioned below the official bus stations where 2 min stops are available for all running buses:

    • Mehsana Highway
    • Kalol
    • Viramgam
    • Gandhinagar
    • S.G.Highway
    • Ahmedabad Nehrunagar
    The above list of stops can change depending upon the travel conditions and road traffic. There will be one halt taken by the buses between Viramgam and Gandhinagar.

    GSRTC Mehsana ST Stand - Ahmedabad Geetamandir Bus Timetable Timings

    Usually local express buses travel faster to reach on time and long distance buses generally take more time as compared. In this section, we have covered details regarding Express, Gurjarnari, Sleeper and Volvo bus details running daily from Mehsana ST Stand.

    If you have booked tickets online, please make sure to arrive at Mehsana ST Stand few minutes early because we have noticed that long distance buses especially Gurjarnagri buses will skip the time and depart after waiting for 10 minutes.

    Therefore it's always best to catch local Express buses for convenience.

    We have mentioned the new schedule of buses as per updated timings as below:

    Express Bus Schedule Timings

    These are the fastest mode of travel available in GSRTC schedule of running buses. The reason being, they are specially catered to people who travel as daily working passengers or students boarding from different stations.

    These buses run during the day till late evening and you can catch them from any of the above junction points. It would take maximum of 2 hours journey to cover the distance and reach on time.

    Bus Starting StationBus Ending StationBus at MEHSANABus at AHMEDABADSeat Availability and Tickets
    RaparAhmedabad Central02:05 AM04:10 AMYes Available
    SiddhpurLunawada05:50 AM07:50 AMYes Available
    SiddhpurBaroda Central06:30 AM08:30 AMYes Available
    BechrajiJhalod06:35 AM08:35 AMYes Available
    DeesaAhmedabad Central07:20 AM09:20 AMYes Available
    PatanNavsari07:25 AM09:15 AMYes Available
    DeesaAhmedabad Central07:35 AM09:35 AMYes Available
    PatanAhmedabad Central07:40 AM09:25 AMYes Available

    Bus Starting StationBus Ending StationBus at MEHSANABus at AHMEDABADSeat Availability and Tickets
    ChanasmaAhmedabad Central07:40 AM09:30 AMYes Available
    PatanAhmedabad Central08:10 AM10:15 AMYes Available
    BhabharAhmedabad Central08:30 AM10:00 AMYes Available
    PalanpurJamnagar08:30 AM10:30 AMYes Available
    VavRajpipla09:10 AM11:00 AMYes Available
    HarijAhmedabad Central09:15 AM10:55 AMYes Available
    ChanasmaSurat Central09:25 AM11:30 AMYes Available
    TharadAhmedabad Central09:30 AM11:00 AMYes Available
    TharadPavagadh09:30 AM11:00 AMYes Available
    ChanasmaVasad09:55 AM12:00 PMYes Available
    DasavadaSurat Choksi Mill10:00 AM11:30 AMYes Available

    Bus Starting StationBus Ending StationBus at MEHSANABus at AHMEDABADSeat Availability and Tickets
    DiyodarBaroda Central10:15 AM12:15 PMYes Available
    PalanpurChhota Udaipur10:15 AM12:15 PMYes Available
    TharadAhmedabad Central10:45 AM12:15 PMYes Available
    DiyodharAhmedabad Central11:10 AM12:35 PMYes Available
    MetaSurat Choksi Mill11:40 AM13:30 PMYes Available
    TharaAhmedabad Central11:45 AM13:30 PMYes Available
    PatanAhmedabad Central12:10 PM14:15 PMYes Available
    BhabharAhmedabad Central12:30 PM14:00 PMYes Available
    PatanSurat Central12:32 PM13:55 PMYes Available
    SiddhpurAmreli12:35 PM14:00 PMYes Available
    DeesaAhmedabad Central12:35 PM15:30 PMYes Available
    RaparValsad12:40 PM13:45 PMYes Available
    TharadBhavnagar13:30 PM15:30 PMYes Available
    MehsanaAhmedabad Central13:30 PM15:15 PMYes Available
    DeesaBodeli14:00 PM16:15 PMYes Available
    VavAhmedabad Central14:05 PM15:30 PMYes Available

    Gurjarnagri Bus Schedule

    Since these buses cover extra districts on the way and are catered to long distance travel, you can prefer these buses if you have missed the regular Express buses running on this route. These will carry extra passengers that are coming from different districts therefore seat availability is something which is very difficult to guarantee in these buses.

    Unlike normal buses, wherein you can book seats and travel comfortably, Gurjarnagri buses are catered to people coming from remote districts and areas to cities. Below are the list of buses running on this route on daily basis:

    Bus Starting StationBus Ending StationBus at MEHSANABus at AHMEDABADSeat Availability and Tickets
    ChanasmaAhmedabad Central14:25 PM16:10 PMYes Available
    PatanKhambhat14:30 PM16:15 PMYes Available
    PatanAhmedabad Central14:40 PM16:45 PMYes Available
    TharadAhmedabad Central15:15 PM16:45 PMYes Available
    RadhanpurNavsari15:15 PM17:05 PMYes Available
    PatanAhmedabad Central15:15 PM17:00 PMYes Available
    PatanWaghodiya15:20 PM17:30 PMYes Available
    TharadValsad15:25 PM17:30 PMYes Available
    HarijAhmedabad Central15:25 PM17:15 PMYes Available
    DiyodarAhmedabad Central16:00 PM18:30 PMYes Available
    PalanpurVapi16:00 PM18:30 PMYes Available
    MehsanaJhalod16:30 PM19:05 PMYes Available
    DiyodarAhmedabad Rabari Colony16:35 PM18:45 PMYes Available
    VavAhmedabad Central16:45 PM18:30 PMYes Available
    PalanpurBaroda Central17:00 PM19:15 PMYes Available
    PalanpurKarjan17:15 PM19:30 PMYes Available
    DeesaPadra17:30 PM19:15 PMYes Available

    Bus Starting StationBus Ending StationBus at MEHSANABus at AHMEDABADSeat Availability and Tickets
    BhabharAhmedabad Central17:30 PM19:00 PMYes Available
    RaparAhmedabad Central17:35 PM19:40 PMYes Available
    TharadAhmedabad Central17:45 PM19:15 PMYes Available
    BhabharAhmedabad Central19:05 PM20:55 PMYes Available
    DiyodarAhmedabad Central19:10 PM20:35 PMYes Available
    AmbajiAhmedabad Central19:30 PM21:00 PMYes Available
    DeesaAhmedabad Central19:40 PM21:00 PMYes Available
    MehsanaJamnagar19:45 PM21:15 PMYes Available
    TharadSurat Central20:00 PM22:00 PMYes Available
    PalanpurChhota Udaipur20:15 PM21:55 PMYes Available
    PatanSurat Central21:05 PM22:55 PMYes Available
    PalanpurJamnagar21:30 PM23:00 PMYes Available
    DhaneraDahod21:30 PM23:15 PMYes Available
    ZalorVapi21:30 PM23:10 PMYes Available
    BhabharSantrampur21:35 PM22:57 PMYes Available
    PatanNavsari21:40 PM23:20 PMYes Available

    Sleeper Bus Timetable Timings

    These buses travel during the night and most people prefer to travel because of time saving overnight journey. You can catch these buses straight from Mehsana ST Bus Stand and tickets will be available both online and at the bus stations.

    These buses tend to travel towards Baroda Central CBS, Surat Central ST Stand, Navsari ST Stand, Vapi Central Bus Stand destinations which tend to be long running. Please find below list of buses catering on daily basis on this route:

    Bus Starting StationBus Ending StationBus at MEHSANABus at AHMEDABADSeat Availability and Tickets
    DeesaNavsari21:45 PM23:30 PMYes Available
    PalanpurJhalod22:20 PM23:55 PMYes Available
    BhabharSurat Central23:00 PM01:00 AMYes Available
    TharadPavagadh23:15 PM00:50 AMYes Available
    TharadBhavnagar23:45 PM01:25 AMYes Available


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