11 December 2016

GSRTC Ahmedabad to Somnath Bus Timetable Timings

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation has started new bus services from Ahmedabad to Somnath on daily basis. Please check the updated timetable and timings of buses running from Ahmedabad Gitamandir ST Bus Stand to Somnath ST Bus Stand. GSRTC has also provided facility of online ticket booking service through E-Ticketing online. One can select their comfortable seats based on status availability and pay for tickets through GSRTC online portal. Currently there are 2 Express buses, 1 Gurjarnagri and 1 Sleeper Bus operating daily from Ahmedabad.

The approximate distance between Ahmedabad and Somnath stands out to be 445 KM in length and it takes roughly around 9 hours to reach the destination. Sometimes due to heavy traffic within the connecting cities, buses tend to reach late by 20 to 25 minutes on an average. It is expected that you plan your journey accordingly for better convenience.

We would advise you to reach early by 20 minutes atleast at Ahmedabad Central Geetamandir Stand so that you are able to judge the ongoing current buses and reach as early as possible without any inconvenience.

GSRTC Ahmedabad Central Gitamandir Bus Stand - Somnath Bus Stand Timetable Timings

The buses follow the general route as mentioned: Ahmedabad Central - Limbdi - Chotila - Rajkot Central - Gondal - Jetpur - Junagadh - Keshod - Veraval - Somnath. We have mentioned the updated timings of buses.

Express Bus Schedule:

1. Ahmedabad Central Krishnanagar - Somnath Express Bus (Ahmedabad Gitamandir Time: 06:05 AM reaches Somnath: 15:10 PM)

2. Ambaji - Somnath Express Bus (Ahmedabad Gitamandir Departure: 20:00 PM reaches Somnath: 05:30 AM)

Gurjarnagri Bus Schedule:

1. Bhiloda - Una Gurjarnagri Bus (Ahmedabad Gitamandir Departure: 18:40 PM reaches Somnath: 04:00 AM)

Sleeper Bus Schedule:

1. Gandhinagar / Surat / Baroda - Somnath Sleeper Bus (Ahmedabad Gitamandir Departure: 19:00 PM reaches Somnath: 03:30 AM)


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