19 June 2020

GSRTC Monthly Pass Student Daily Passengers Senior Citizens Concession online

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation has introduced monthly pass for passengers and concession for students online. People can apply for monthly pass and weekly pass by filling up form details online and taking PDF print out of the same. The concession for students are available for school and colleges bus passes weekly and monthly basis. You can pay for tickets and passes online and take confirmation print out which acts as your journey ticket. Right now passes are available for Express, Gurjarnagri and Volvo bus services of GSRTC online. Concessions and Monthly passes are available for daily commuters, office workers and Senior citizens as well. We have covered the monthly pass rates, discounts and scheme details here.

The validity of passes have been extended on return journey along with single journey tickets. Once can also avail pass facility on Mini Buses travelling across various cities in Gujarat. Please find more information in the below given instructions.

    In this article, we have covered a detailed explanation on Student Monthly passes, Monthly tickets for officer workers, daily passengers travelling on GSRTC buses for commute purposes.The ticket discounts and offers are currently in progress by GSRTC officials and those who avail passes can get huge discounts on daily commute.

    Now Senior Citizens and aged people can travel discounted by opting for travel passes as well.

    GSRTC Monthly Pass - Available for Daily Passengers Travelling across Cities

    The monthly pass system has been brought up to allow bus transport service collect advance money for issuing tickets across the entire month of travel. This has been a welcome initiative to drive more people use public transport on daily basis for wider travel options.

    GSRTC Monthly Pass and Student Concession Form released online

    With the recent competition of passenger service with Indian Railways booming up, GSRTC has taken appropriate steps to diversify the fares and travel options to the passengers for further attention. These days more and more people are opting to travel by short distance buses for important office works.

    The daily passenger pass will allow public to travel between two specific locations on Express, Gurjarnagri and local buses without any extra charges and unlimited travel.

    You will be entitled to receive more than 50% discount on actual booking price, so you can fill the form online and submit them.

    GSRTC Student Concession Pass and Weekly Passes for Passengers

    Students across the state involved in travelling from one place to another in pursuit of education can avail discounted passes online. Apart from the original pass rates and structure, students are given extra 20 percent flat discount on travel by GSRTC Buses if availed for concession early.

    These passes are issued for a duration of six months of travel. Weekly passes have been introduced to allow passengers and students pay for any number of travel by buses over a defined route. This has given GSRTC an option for business people travelling across the cities for avail the option for better benefit.

    Students can benefit from the system in two ways:

    • Weekly passes and concession form to avail weekly discounts
    • Monthly passes and concession online to receive more than 50% discount on actual travel
    • Quarterly passes for students only
    • Half Yearly passes for students and daily officers commuters both available

    GSRTC Monthly Pass, Weekly Pass, Student Concession Form Filling Details online

    Now you can fill the details over the application registration form online and avail benefits of monthly pass system in GSRTC buses. You would need the following details to be filled with accuracy as per photo identity proof of the individual.

    - Name
    - School / College Studying and Year (Optional for student concession benefit)
    - Job / Profession details (For employed people travelling daily)
    - Age / Date of Birth details
    - Place of residence - Full address as per address proof

    Now the most important part - Mention your route details. Here write the originating station from where you take the journey on daily basis, example - Ahmedabad Gitamandir Bus Stand and mention the destination station as well. Therefore your pass fare will depend on the kilometer stretch of the journey availed on daily basis.

    Another important part - Mention which buses are appropriate for you in terms of daily commuting. If Express buses only - then fare will be less as compared to availing option of Gurjarnagri and Volvo bus.

    What is the Fare / Ticket Price / Rate of Concession Monthly / Weekly Passes?

    The structure of fare changes as per options availed by the passengers upon his / her request. Here's a generic structure what is being followed on regular basis since 2015 year for GSRTC revision of travel fares:

    Monthly Pass for Passengers - Pay for 15 Days as per actual fares - To and fro journey included

    Weekly Pass for Passengers - Pay for 4 Days as per actual fares - To and Fro journey included

    Student Concession Passes - For 6 months, Pay for 3 months only + 20 percent discount on base fare calculated

    Volvo Bus Monthly Pass - Pay for 20 days as per actual fares - To and fro journey included

    GSRTC Concession Discounts for Senior Citizens - Full Benefit Details

    Now Senior Citizens can avail special bonus discounts from Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation and they can travel at 60% discount as compared to actual travel cost. Basically all Senior citizens will have to do is - Fill up the form online and submit at their regional GSRTC office to claim discounted tickets.

    Below is the process that needs to be followed for discounts and offers availed by them:

    • Fill up Monthly / Half Yearly / Yearly Concession form online
    • Submit at the zonal GSRTC Office
    • Claim the Monthly pass ticket from Ticketing collector
    • Use the pass to travel in Express, Gurjarnagri and local buses anytime throughout your validity
    • Claim huge bonus offers and discounts
    This is great news for all who travel on daily basis.

    GSRTC Monthly Pass Concession Rates and Discounted Travel Kit

    The following are the scheme travel rates for people opting for long term passes from GSRTC Office for travel purposes:

    1. Basic Weekly Pass benefit :: Rs.250/- minimum charges
    2. Monthly Discounted Pass Scheme :: Rs.500/- minimum charges
    3. Quarterly Student Pass :: Rs.1500/- minimum charges
    4. Half Yearly Daily Passengers and Students Pass :: Rs.2000/- minimum charges


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    3. Is Gsrtc student pass valid on sunday?

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