26 November 2020

GSRTC Surat to Bhavnagar Bus Timetable Timings Schedule Online

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation has introduced new services and schedule of buses running from Surat to Bhavnagar on daily basis. Please check the updated timetable and timings of buses from Surat Central ST Bus Stand to Bhavnagar ST Bus Stand. GSRTC has also introduced online ticketing booking system called E-Ticketing through which passengers can book, select their seats and pay online. Kindly check the seat availability and ticket fare / price of bus journey accordingly. As of now there are 3 Express buses, 3 Gurjarnagri buses and 3 Sleeper buses running daily from Surat.

The approximate distance between Surat and Bhavnagar is about 380 KM in length and takes roughly around 9 hours to complete the journey. Sometimes due to excessive traffic between connecting cities throughout it's route, buses tend to reach late by 20 to 25 minutes on an average. Therefore it is advisable to plan your bus ticket booking accordingly to reach on time.

We would recommend you to reach Surat Central ST Stand atleast 15 to 20 minutes prior to boarding schedule of bus. This will give you a clear idea about the passing buses and approximate time of travel.

Due to the current restrictions in travelling, it is advisable to avoid travelling in groups and get in contact with unknown persons. If you want to avail discounted bookings for your entire family, you can avail 25% discounts for all members.

GSRTC Surat Central to Bhavnagar Bus Stations and Route Details

In this section, we have mentioned the details of bus stations where most of the buses will halt and the route taken by these buses to reach Bhavnagar city. The Government will provide more facilities for general passengers to board these buses by early January 2021.

The list of stations are:
  • Surat Central ST Stand
  • Surat Adajan
  • Surat Kapodra ST Stand
  • Ankleshwar ST Bus Stand
  • Bharuch Zadeshwar GNFC Chowkdi
  • Baroda Central ST Stand
  • Baroda Amitnagar
  • Ahmedabad CTM Express Highway
  • Ahmedabad Central Gitamandir Stand
  • Ahmedabad Nehrunagar
  • Iskcon Cross Roads
  • Dholera SIR
  • Tarapur
  • Bhavnagar ST Bus Stand

The above is a tentative list of stations proposed for halt and there can be two major halts at a respective hotels for passenger convenience.

GSRTC Surat Central ST Stand - Bhavnagar ST Bus Stand Timetable Timings online

The buses generally follow the route as mentioned: Surat Central - Ankleshwar - Zadeshwar GNFC Bharuch - Baroda Central - Tarapur - Bhavnagar. We have listed the buses with their new schedule and timings updated.

Please note that travelling by Express buses will be lot quicker and easier for intercity travel basis since they run throughout the day. On the other hand, Gurjarnagri buses are long distance buses and takes time to reach destination covering many districts.

GSRTC has also introduced Sleeper and AC Sleeper services between both the cities.

Express Bus Schedule

The approximate fare for Express buses on this route is about Rs.192/- and it takes 8 hours to reach Bhavnagar ST Stand.

1. Surat Central - Talaja Express Bus (Surat Departure Time: 06:00 AM reaching Bhavnagar: 14:00 PM)

2. Surat Central - Rajula Express Bus (Surat Departure Time: 09:29 AM reaching Bhavnagar: 17:30 PM)

3. Surat Central - Talaja Express Bus (Surat Departure Time: 13:15 PM reaching Bhavnagar: 21:15 PM)

Gurjarnagri Bus Schedule:

These are long distance buses coming from Valsad, Vapi towards Bhavnagar. The ticket prices for Gurjarnagri is around Rs.201/- and it takes around 7 hours 30 minutes to reach Bhavnagar.

1. Olpad - Bagdana Gurjarnagri Bus (Surat Departure Time: 07:00 AM reaching Bhavnagar: 14:30 PM)

2. Ukai - Bhavnagar Gurjarnagri Bus (Surat Departure Time: 10:00 AM reaching Bhavnagar: 17:30 PM)

3. Shirdi / Navsari - Bhavnagar Gurjarnagri Bus (Surat Departure Time: 21:30 PM reaching Bhavnagar: 05:00 AM)


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