2 December 2018

GSRTC Ahmedabad to Morbi Bus Timetable Timings online

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) has introduced new bus services from Ahmedabad Central Bus Station to Morbi Bus Stand. Please check the latest official information of Ahmedabad - Morbi Bus Timetable and Timings for the convenience of the passengers. The schedule of buses are available from both Ahmedabad Gitamandir Central Bus Stand and Nehrunagar Bus Stand. You can start booking tickets online and check the ticket price / rate / fare for online booking of bus tickets. Currently GSRTC has facilitated passengers with Online E-Ticketing Reservation system using which users can avail online tickets and select their seat availability and check status. This updated timetable contains the information of new fleet of buses plying with facilities like AC services and Sleeper buses.

The timings of each buses will depend upon the traffic within the route and city premises. It is advisable to arrive beforehand if you have reserved your seats for Volvo / AC Bus and Sleeper bus as well. The arrival time at Morbi is likely to change depending upon the speed of the bus and road conditions in highways.

GSRTC Bus Timetable from Ahmedabad Gitamandir to Morbi Timings

The buses in this section follow the route :: Ahmedabad Gitamandir (Terminal-1) Bus station - Nehrunagar Bus Stand - Iskcon Cross roads - Sanand - Malvan - Dhrangadhra - Halvad - Morbi New Bus Terminal. Please find the details below regarding schedule and timings of AC Luxury Bus / Volvo, Express Bus, Gurjarnagri and Sleeper Bus in Ahmedabad updated as of January 2019 year:

AC Luxury Bus Timings:

1. Ahmedabad Central Gitamandir Bus Stand (Departure Time: 07:00 AM) - Morbi Terminal (Arrival Time: 11:40 AM)

2. Ahmedabad Central Gitamandir Bus Stand (Departure Time: 08:00 AM) - Morbi Terminal (Arrival Time: 12:30 PM)

3. Ahmedabad Central Gitamandir Bus Stand (Departure Time: 13:30 PM) - Morbi Terminal (Arrival Time: 18:00 PM)

4. Ahmedabad Central Gitamandir Bus Stand (Departure Time: 18:00 PM) - Morbi Terminal (Arrival Time: 22:40 PM)

5. Ahmedabad Central Gitamandir Bus Stand (Departure Time: 19:00 PM) - Morbi Terminal (Arrival Time: 23:40 PM)

Express Bus Timetable:

1. Chhota Udaipur (Ahmedabad Departure Time: 01:20 AM) - Morbi Terminal (Arrival Time: 06:00 AM)

2. Ambaji (Ahmedabad Departure Time: 10:15 AM) - Morbi Terminal (Arrival Time: 15:20 PM)

3. Ahmedabad Central (Departure Time: 10:30 AM) - Jamnagar Stand (Morbi Arrival Time: 15:00 PM)

4. Chhota Udaipur (Ahmedabad Departure Time: 12:15 PM) - Wankaner Bus Stand (Morbi Arrival Time: 17:45 PM)

5. Himmatnagar (Ahmedabad Departure Time: 18:30 PM) - Morbi Bus Stand (Arrival Time: 23:30 PM)

Gurjarnagri Bus Schedule:

1. Nadiad (Ahmedabad Departure Time: 11:50 AM) - Morbi Terminal (Arrival Time: 17:00 PM)

2. Santrampur (Ahmedabad Departure Time: 13:00 PM) - Morbi Terminal (Arrival Time: 18:15 PM)

3. Ahmedabad Terminal (Departure Time: 23:00 PM) - Morbi Terminal (Arrival Time: 03:00 AM)

Sleeper Bus Schedule:

1. Zalod (Ahmedabad Departure Time: 23:30 PM) - Tankara (Morbi Terminal Arrival Time: 04:00 AM)

Please let us know in comments if you find the timetable helpful and provide your suggestion if you need more bus services across different regions of Gujarat.


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